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Multi-Session Programs

Healthcare is increasingly complex, requiring sophisticated skills that prioritize high levels of coordination, collaboration, and trust.

Multi-Session Programs

Drives for efficiency, value, and equity only raise the stakes and heighten the need for truly effective teams. The characteristics of high- performing teams and organizations have been known for decades. However, building such teams, or transforming poorly performing teams into them, is challenging.

The experiences we create are curated from decades of experience in healthcare and beyond. We help to make a core set of relational skills practical in healthcare. Intend Health offers a wide range of highly interactive and tailored multi-session programs to meet your organization’s specific needs. Participants gain skills and insights to help their team build trust, capacity, and community.

Our multi-session programs engage 10-70 individuals from intact teams, or cohorts of individuals from across organizations, in learning and community-building. Participants learn Relational Leadership concepts through short didactic sessions interspersed with breakout small-group activities. Whether the sessions are offered virtually or in-person, participants engage meaningfully with the content, and build lasting relationships with their peers.

Delivery Options

We offer in-person, virtual, and hybrid programs, and are happy to partner with individual organizations and/or provider networks.

Format Options

  • A workshop series
  • A more intensive, customized program for intact teams, or a cohort of individuals from multiple teams, with sessions delivered over weeks or months. The content is customized to address the needs and challenges specific to your group. Between sessions, team members will apply the techniques and reflect together on the results.

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