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Our mission is to catalyze meaningful change in the way we relate to each other within the healthcare ecosystem to improve the quality of interactions, outcomes, and lives of every individual.

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Growing out of a grassroots primary care revitalization effort launched at Harvard Medical School, Intend Health Strategies was founded as Primary Care Progress (PCP) in 2010. Since then, we have transformed from an alliance of medical school-based teams promoting primary care into a national movement — a powerful learning collaborative of current and future healthcare professionals from across disciplines and career stages. As we began our second decade, in 2022 we changed our name to Intend Health Strategies.

Our work is grounded in Relational Leadership (RL), a human-centered approach to working with others that cultivates connection and awareness in order to increase belonging, collaboration, equity, and impact across health systems.

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Each year, Intend Health supports more than 2,500 healthcare professionals in developing skills that re-energize and empower authentic human connection. We know that this is the foundation for better care and for catalyzing meaningful and sustainable change in the individual, the team, and the overall healthcare system. We work with academic medical centers, health systems, hospitals, and community health centers across the country to help individuals and teams achieve their full potential and effectively navigate change.

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