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Student Action Network - Apply

Our national Student Action Network empowers the next generation of providers with the mindset and tools to connect in their relationships in service of achieving a more human-centered healthcare system.

Student Action Network - Apply

The first step to joining the PCP Student Action Network is creating a team — identifying a core group of 3-8 interprofessional primary care allies from across at least 2-3 disciplines at a range of stages in clinical training, as well as faculty advisor(s) who support your project-based work. Our Team Starter Kit is a great resource to help healthcare students looking for guidance about how to create a team and join the PCP Student Action Network.

After a team is formed, every PCP team decides on their own action-oriented and longitudinal project to advance their own local initiatives. There are a range of projects that focus on supporting local community needs. Once an interprofessional student-led team is recruited and they have begun to identify their areas of focus for the upcoming year, every current and prospective PCP Team is required to complete an application to join the PCP Student Action Network.

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The team application process occurs every spring. Check back for details and deadlines for the 2023-24 academic year.

To learn more, contact action@intendhealth.org.

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