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Session Formats

Prelude to RLConvening

An immersive introduction to the principles of Relational Leadership. Attend as a "refresher" or "primer" before engaging in the full content of RLConvening.

Social / Wellness Activities
  • Welcome Reception with hors d'oeuvres
  • Organized events: group stroll to the botanical garden, soul food tour, civil rights walking tour
  • If interest: pre-breakfast wellness time (meditation, yoga, walk, etc.)
All-community Conversations

Interactive "keynote" presentation followed by small- and large-group discussions. Justin Bullock, MD and Will Bynum, MD, are Thursday's keynote speakers and Andrew Morris-Singer, MD will deliver the keynote on Friday.

Learning Exchanges

With a focus on Relational Leadership (RL) or RL-adjacent topics, three Relational Leaders (panelists) share their learning for 15 minutes. Attendees and panelists ask questions during the remaining 30 minutes.

Skill-building Sessions

Focus on connection through these interactive learning opportunities. Topics may include medical storytelling, relationship mapping, psychological safety, and moral injury.

“Reverse” Panels

Three Relational Leaders present  a challenge or quandary, and the group offers suggestions and resources as solutions.

Structured 1:1s

Similar to speed networking: series of 8-minute conversation blocks, with each person serving as both an “initiator” and “recipient” of relationship-building questions.

Mini AMA — Ask Me Anything

Self-identified subject matter experts are available for ad hoc consultation and brainstorming. Topics could range from leadership development to telehealth to time management.

Community Symposium

Attendees showcase research and projects.

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