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Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities

Access a unique opportunity to connect with health workforce professionals within the Relational Leadership community as a sponsor or exhibitor at the Intend Health Strategies 2023 Relational Leadership Convening (RLConvening) conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

RLConvening sponsors and exhibitors are among a select group of respected organizations supporting the Relational Leadership community, including health systems, hospitals, academic institutions, professional associations, community health centers and systems, foundations, and government agencies across the country.

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Conference Attendees

Approximately 200-300 health workforce professionals are expected to attend this conference, including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other practitioners, activists, researchers, educators, administrators, students, and learners at all levels.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Applications

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting? Have questions? Reach out to Ariela Knight at All inquiries will receive a response within five business days.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship levels start at $2,500 and include these benefits, along with specific sponsorship level benefits:

  • Recognition as a 2023 RLConvening conference sponsor on
  • Recognition as a sponsor on our conference app, promotional materials, and signage
  • Inclusion of your logo in email messages and social media posts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Inclusion of your organization’s printed materials in our attendee swag bag

$15,000 Sponsorship Opportunities

All $15,000+ level sponsors are entitled to an exhibitor table and three (3) free conference registrations.

Keynote | $15,000 (Exclusive)

Get the undivided attention of all RLConvening attendees by sponsoring our keynote presentation. With this exclusive sponsorship, you will have the opportunity to deliver a presentation about your company (5 mins) and introduce our keynote speaker for their presentation.

Welcome Reception | $15,000 (Exclusive)

What better way to kick off our first RLConvening than sponsoring the Welcome Reception! Your support will provide tasty hors d'oeuvres, with an opportunity to address everyone who has gathered.

$10,000 Sponsorship Opportunities

All $10,000+ level sponsors are entitled to an exhibitor table and two (2) free conference registrations.

Intro to Relational Leadership | $10,000 (Exclusive)

Sponsor and introduce our Pre-conference course on the Fundamentals of Relational Leadership. This is an interactive workshop that introduces newer members of our community (including many healthcare students) to the principles underlying our work.

Wi-Fi Hotspot | $10,000 (Exclusive)

We all need to stay connected while at the conference, and your sponsorship of the Wi-Fi can get you close to hero status, along with the opportunity to put your name in front of every grateful conference attendee.

$5,000 Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsors at the $5,000+ level are entitled to an exhibitor table and one (1) free conference registration.

Notes of Appreciation | $5,000 (Claimed!)

Sponsor a table where attendees can write and mail an appreciation note to a healthcare worker in their life. Intend will design and print unique conference notecards, co-branded with your company’s logo. (No staffing required.)

Web of Connection | $5,000 (Exclusive)

Support a visually beautiful representation of the connections created at the conference! This interactive art piece will allow attendees to use pins and strings on a corkboard to represent the abundance of new connections. Your company’s logo and support will be featured prominently. (No staffing required.)

Story Exchange | $5,000 (Exclusive)

Provide an intimate and welcoming space for attendees to share their stories with one another throughout the conference. (Seating provided; Sponsor will provide a storyteller to facilitate.)

Student Scholarships | $5,000

Join us in making sure that cost is not a barrier to attendance. Invest in the next generation of healthcare providers by sponsoring the scholarship fund, so student team members can travel and attend RLConvening, as well as the Intro to Relational Leadership Pre-conference course.

Mindfulness Corner | $5,000 (Exclusive)

Provide a cozy space to breathe, meditate, and re-center. The venue will provide chairs and basic setup, while the sponsor will provide other supplies to create a calm and welcoming space, such as soft cushions, tea, and an essential oil diffuser.

Mosaic Wall | $5,000 (Exclusive)

Sponsor a mosaic wall, co-created by everyone at the conference. Attendees will respond to a prompt by writing or drawing on colorful paper shapes and adding their voice to a growing art installation. (Materials provided; No staffing required.)

The Learning Leaves | $5,000 (Exclusive)

Sponsor a table where attendees can write and self-address a letter, sharing one learning takeaway from the event. Intend will gather all letters and mail them one month later — a great reminder of the event — and your company — a month later! (All printed materials will be provided and co-branded with your logo; No staffing required.)

Learning Exchange | $5,000

Sponsor and present one of our engaging Learning Exchanges.

Morning Wellness | $5,000

Present our morning wellness activity, such as yoga, guided meditation, or Tai Chi. (Activity arrangements provided.)

Coffee/Tea Station | $5,000

Keep attendees happy and caffeinated, as the best conversations happen when sharing a warm beverage.

Exhibitor Opportunities | $1,500

Exhibitor tables will be in a high visibility, high traffic location, providing exhibitors with access to attendees throughout the conference.

Exhibitor benefits include:

  • Exhibitor table and chair for all three conference days
  • One (1) free conference registration

Exhibitor benefits do not include:

  • Promotion, logo placement, or other sponsorship benefits

Do You Have a Sponsorship Idea?

We would love to hear about it! Let’s collaborate to uplift your company’s work and focus on the power of connection. Reach out to Ariela Knight at to discuss how we can help you bring your idea to life.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Expectations

Conference partners should support the mission of Intend Health Strategies. Full payment must be received by Intend Health Strategies by October 1, 2023. Sponsorship fees are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as a business expense.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting?
Have questions?

Reach out to Ariela Knight at All inquiries will receive a response within five business days.

Thank you to our 2023 exhibitors! Be sure to visit the exhibitor area at RLConvening.

  • American Medical Student Association
  • American Medical Women's Association
  • Camden Coalition
  • Healthcare Burnout Symposium
  • Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine
  • Ripple of Change
  • Social Mission Alliance
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Student Action Network Sponsor
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Student Action Network Sponsor
Student Action Network Sponsor
Student Action Network Sponsor
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