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‍The Transformative Power of Relational Leadership: A Conversation with Krisda Chaiyachati

November 21, 2023
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‍The Transformative Power of Relational Leadership: A Conversation with Krisda Chaiyachati

‍Transformative. That’s a word we hear frequently from those who participate in Relational Leadership programs and workshops. This is the next in a series of interviews exploring the impact of Relational Leadership on self and work and the foundational power of relationships and human connection as driving forces of better healthcare.

Matt Lewis, Narrative Leadership expert and consultant with Intend Health Strategies, and Sarah Smithson of Intend Health spoke with Krisda Chaiyachati, MD, MPH, about his continued connection to Intend Health, his experience operationalizing the practices of Relational Leadership, the personal impact he has experienced because of these Relational Leadership practices, and his hopes for the future of this work. Krisda is senior medical director of care delivery at Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., and a board member of Intend Health.

In discussion with Matt and Sarah, Krisda mentions connecting to purpose (getting to the "Why") and witnessing others' stories. These are references to Relational Leadership concepts and practices such as:

  • Storytelling: As a core Relational Leadership practice, story is a powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness, establishing connection, and motivating action. Along with related concepts such as Narrative Leadership and Story of Self, storytelling is foundational to individual transformation, team transformation, and the transformation of the culture of healthcare.
  • One-to-Ones: Listening is one of the most important skills effective leaders demonstrate, particularly when supporting the growth of others. How well we listen has a major impact on both our job effectiveness and the quality of our relationships. Built on a foundation of active listening, One-to-Ones enable us to engage others authentically, to build connection and understanding, and improve the quality of our relationships.

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Krisda Chaiyachati, of Verily and a board member of Intend Health, shares how Relational Leadership practices have transformed him, both professionally and personally.

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