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‍The Transformative Power of Relational Leadership: A Conversation with Lexy Kliewer

July 19, 2023
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‍The Transformative Power of Relational Leadership: A Conversation with Lexy Kliewer

Transformative. That’s a word we hear frequently from those who participate in Relational Leadership programs and workshops. This is one of a series of interviews exploring the impact of Relational Leadership on self and work and the foundational power of relationships and human connection as driving forces of better healthcare.

Matt Lewis, Narrative Leadership expert and consultant with Intend Health Strategies, and Sarah Smithson of Intend Health spoke with Lexy Kliewer, LCSW, about her initial experience with Relational Leadership in 2018, the continued application of these practices in 2023, and a “best of” Relational Leadership moment. Lexy is a clinical innovation manager at CareOregon, and through her experience and ongoing involvement with the Relational Leadership Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, is an active member of the national Intend Health Strategies community, bringing Relational Leadership to her team at CareOregon.

Lexy, Matt, and Sarah discuss Relational Leadership concepts and practices such as:

  • Establishing Norms: By co-creating norms, working groups or teams determine shared expectations for meetings or ongoing collaborative work. Having norms helps members reflect on their own and each other’s behaviors, creating a common language to bring up challenges if needed. Norms can evolve as circumstances or dynamics change.
  • 5 Dynamics: The Simpli5™ framework of 5 Dynamics is an interactive tool for understanding our natural energy preferences and how they impact the way we learn, work, and collaborate on teams. It uses a strengths-based approach to uncover and optimize the complementary energies of team members, enabling them to collaborate in ways that harness their strengths.
  • Storytelling: As a core Relational Leadership practice, story is a powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness, establishing connection, and motivating action. Along with related concepts such as Narrative Leadership, story is foundational to individual transformation, team transformation, and the transformation of the culture of healthcare.

Watch the video.

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Discover the transformative power of Relational Leadership in healthcare, as Lexy Kliewer, clinical innovation manager at CareOregon, shares how Relational Leadership practices have impacted her and her work.

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