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Intend Health Program News: Recent Happenings

June 21, 2022
Intend Health Strategies Blog
Intend Health Program News: Recent Happenings

We continue to deliver engaging, customized programming to healthcare providers, students, and institutions across the country. Here is a recap of recent Intend Health program news.

With a generous grant from the Cambia Health Foundation, we are piloting a new RL delivery format that interweaves training and application. Our first cohort consists of staff from safety-net clinics throughout Washington State, and we anticipate much learning ahead.

We are delighted to continue to partner with the AAFP on the Primary Care Leadership Collaborative (PCLC), a leadership program for students of family medicine. Teams engage in skill-building workshops and long-term, team-based coaching support; they then apply their learning to design and implement a health-equity or community project. Currently engaging 80+ students and faculty members, the program kicked off virtually in April, with two additional RL sessions in May and June to prepare for the in-person national conference July 27 and 28, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.

We are excited to launch our new 2022-23 PCP Student Action Network cohort with 13 dedicated student teams from across the country, facilitating connection and opportunities for growth in support of the community projects they create to promote primary care and to address issues such as health equity, opioid use, and mental health. They begin with an introductory virtual session in August, followed by a virtual weekend of RL content and community at our annual Leadership Summit in September. Team coaches will provide continuing support throughout the year.

We are proud to unveil our newly updated Relational Leadership Framework. Updated in collaboration with community members from multiple programs, this framework identifies the principles of Relational Culture and its impact at the individual, team, and system levels.

The Relational Leadership Institute/Initiative has successfully completed our ninth cohort at Oregon Health Science University and our sixth cohort at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and we are looking ahead to offering Fall cohorts at both institutions. After our final RLI gathering at our University of Utah site, we will be sunsetting this program and are excited to explore and share new opportunities within the institution.

Relational Leadership for Clinician Leaders (RLCL, an initiative of OCHIN): Wrapping up our second cohort for RLCL, we developed two new trainers and partnered with returning trainers to offer this twelve-week, one-hour-per-week program that aligns with our updated Relational Leadership Framework. The Fall 2022 cohort is being planned.

In April, we wrapped up a four-part program for Sam Houston State University School of Nursing. Our focus was team development, and we touched on the topics of psychological safety, stages of team development, a culture of feedback, and more. This was a wonderful opportunity to work with a new community and learn how to best support an intact team moving through an extensive evolution. We are looking forward to exploring where we go next!

A recap of recent programs delivered by Intend Health to healthcare providers, students, and institutions across the country.

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"I have employed and used so much of my Relational Leadership experience and training from Intend Health to work."

Krisda Chaiyachati, MD, MPH, MSHP

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

"Thank you for inspiring a generation of future docs to become primary care physicians. I definitely felt like I had a community during medical school."

Shani Truong

Family Medicine Resident, UC Davis San Joaquin General Hospital

"This year, there's been so much change with COVID, with work, with everything. But I feel like the PCP Student Action Network has been that constant that I could always just count on. And my favorite part is that no matter how stressful work was, no matter how stressful the year was, whenever it came time for a PCP call or any PCP anything, it's always something that I look forward to."

Student Action Network Coach

"I think the collaborative work that Intend Health does to recruit bright, energized, resilient, diverse, and compassionate primary care physicians all over the country will be even more impactful. Intend Health's efforts will be a big part of the solution to mend our ailing primary care infrastructure in the coming years."

Peter Meyers, MD, MPH

Family Physician, Minnesota Community Care

“So far, my experience in this Relational Leadership course has been THE highlight of my leadership journey. This program exceeded my expectations. I have been sharing the content with my colleagues who are also inspired by it. Thank you for making the world a better place one Relational Leadership course at a time.”

Relational Leadership for Clinician Leadership Program Participant


“Over 100 members of the UNC community have participated in our Relational Leadership Institutes… one word stands out for me in our evaluations — regardless of whether cohorts met in person or via Zoom — and that word is transformative."

Josh Hinson, MSW, LCSW

Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work

"The leadership skills, relationships, and perspective I have gained through my involvement in Intend Health have shaped the clinician, educator, and leader I am today."

Kyle Turner, PharmD

University of Utah

"In a healthcare system fraught with silos and computer screens, we need the human voice — a personal connection — now more than ever. That's the work of Intend Health."

Matt Lewis, PhD

Strategic Consultant

“A big impact that Intend Health has on me is it makes me more humble, kinder, more intuitive, a better listener, and I’ve been able to teach the skills I’ve learned to others. All of this makes me a better team member, and I think that that's integral to what Intend Health teaches — we need high functioning teams to provide the best care.”

Student Action Network Participant

“I participated in RLI [the Relational Leadership Institute]... and my world has not been the same since. The community that I’ve gained at RLI has been extraordinary. Being part of RLI means being connected to a diverse, interdisciplinary community that breaks down the walls that are typical in academic medicine.”

Katie Gradick, MD, MHS

University of Utah

“Relational Leadership is what keeps me going. When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, down, I turn to members of the Relational Leadership community for support and resilience. We genuinely care about each other. We put ‘people first,’ truly, in our work together.”

Sarah Smithson, MD, MPH

Assistant Dean for Clinical Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

“Relational skills are particularly important right now because they’re rooted in people, with the fundamental assumption that we are good and have common values. If I can approach with unconditional positive regard and build in psychological safety, who knows what we can accomplish, despite the chaos around us.”

Lexy Kliewer, LCSW

Oregon Health and Science University

Intend Health People