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Invited Conference Presentations: Intend Health on the Road

December 20, 2023
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Invited Conference Presentations: Intend Health on the Road

Throughout the fall, we and our partners shared relational best practices at conferences across the country, including:

Camden Coalition – Putting Care at the Center: Jane Cooper-Driver and Kyle Turner delivered a session, One Tool Across the Care Continuum: Narrative Leadership in the Delivery of Complex Care.

Family Medicine Education Consortium: Victoria Boggiano and Jere Essig presented Narrative Leadership: Signaling Safety and Inclusion through Storytelling.

Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education Conference: Sarah Smithson and Victoria Jones led a workshop, Relational Leadership: Practical Tools to Enhance Psychological Safety and Interprofessional Collaboration.

Mobile Healthcare Association Annual Conference: Matt Lewis delivered a standing room-only session on Psychological Safety and Narrative Leadership. An attendee commented:

“My hopes for practice and planning for the future and secrets of my own story came together and left me feeling encouraged and inspired.”

NAPCRG International Conference on Practice Facilitation: Our partners at RELATE Lab, Alexander Mansour and Brian Park presented on Building Trust: Narrative Leadership to Enhance Practice Facilitation.

Nexus Summit 2023: Our friends at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill delivered a seminar entitled Safety in Healthcare Should Start with Psychological Safety: A Relational Approach to Establishing Teamwork.

Relational Coordination Roundtable: Jane Cooper-Driver and Jennifer Agwagom co-led a session entitled Power Up Your Team: Enhancing Self-Awareness to Grow Shared Power.

The Schwartz Center Compassion in Action Conference: Christina Kelly and Victoria Boggiano presented Room to Grow: Building Shared Power Through Relational Leadership.

STFM Conference on Practice Quality and Improvement: Christina Kelly and Kyle Turner delivered a pre-conference workshop on Using Relational Leadership and Psychological Safety to Implement Team-Based Quality Improvement.

Upcoming conferences:

STFM Conference on Medical Student Education, February 8-11, Atlanta, Georgia: We’ll be presenting a session on Creating a Culture of Feedback and a seminar on Using Relational Leadership to Develop Medical Student Advocates in Primary Care.

A recap of conference presentations delivered to multidisciplinary healthcare audiences on Relational Leadership topics across the country throughout Fall 2023.

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