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Intend Health Program News: Recent Happenings

August 16, 2022
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Intend Health Program News: Recent Happenings

This summer, we've continued to deliver Relational Leadership programming to healthcare providers, students, and institutions across the country, including:

Funded by a generous grant from the Cambia Health Foundation, we’ve completed an eight-week pilot with Washington Association for Community Health member clinics. We piloted a new RL delivery format that interweaves training and application with a cohort of professionals from safety-net clinics throughout Washington State, including physicians, registered nurses, medical assistants, administrators, and community health workers.

The Primary Care Leadership Collaborative (PCLC) Summit took place at the beginning of the AAFP National Conference in July. Trainers Kate Schreck, Kento Sonoda, Kyle Turner, Dominique Munroe, Andrea Banuelos, and Christina Kelly engaged medical students and faculty with an introduction to Relational Leadership. During the next two years, student teams from 12 medical schools will work with their coaches, driving change in their schools and communities with projects focusing on one of two areas: workforce growth and diversity or eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity. Initial feedback from participants indicates that the training provided the language and tools to help each team come together and align on their mission and goals.

The Relational Leadership team at UNC connected us with the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education at Washington University Medical Campus in St. Louis. Together with UNC, we delivered a 90-minute Introduction to Relational Leadership session to participants representing different divisions and multiple professions.

August 2022 recap of recent Intend Health programs delivered to healthcare providers, students, and institutions across the country.

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