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Intend Health Program News: June Update

June 20, 2023
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Intend Health Program News: June Update

Here is the latest news about Relational Leadership (RL) programming and partnerships:

The UNC Physicians Network program recently completed four Relational Leadership sessions that have covered topics such as Psychological Safety, Story (of Self and One-to-Ones), Conflict Transformation, and Feedback. Between 26 and 30 participants have attended each session, including members of the Physicians Network team and their Shared Services partners. As the program progresses, ongoing evaluation will provide insights into the impact of Relational Leadership practices within intact teams.

RLI@Carolina Summer Cohort 2023 (2X2 Online Format): We successfully launched the program's first-ever summer session, and are delivering sessions online in a new, “2X2 format,” which consists of two consecutive eight-hour days, a week's break, and two additional consecutive eight-hour days. The format was designed to accommodate busy schedules and facilitate additional participation from those at the UNC School of Medicine, and we're thrilled to support our RL@Carolina colleagues in their pursuit of professional growth.

Cambia Health Foundation-Sponsored Summer Cohort: The first two sessions of our Relational Leadership with an Equity Lens cohort, sponsored by Cambia Health Foundation, were held, and we are grateful to the Washington Association for Community Health and the Idaho Primary Care Association for promoting the cohort to their member community health centers. Feedback from one participant encapsulated the positive experience:

"The group, presenters, and topics were fantastic, and I appreciate the time and dedication to teach us all!"

The RLCL Spring 2023 cohort, a partnership with OCHIN, concluded in May. Participants engaged in sessions on Relational Leadership, Positionality and Power, One-to-Ones, Story of Self, Collaborative Decision-Making, and Feedback. We are grateful to members of our national team and to local OCHIN facilitators and trainers for guiding this program.

Utah Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Executive Group: The fourth and final session of our RL series was completed in May. Participants explored the Dynamics of Teams and completed the 5 Dynamics assessment, which received high praise. We eagerly anticipate follow-up discussions and possible future collaborations with this group and their teams within the Utah hospital system. A big thank you to Kyle Turner and Jennifer O'Donohue for their outstanding training and program guidance!

June 2023 recap of recent Intend Health programs delivered to healthcare providers, students, and institutions across the country.

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