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Intend Health Program News: April Update

April 24, 2023
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Intend Health Program News: April Update

Here is the latest news about Relational Leadership (RL) programming and partnerships:

Workshops: We’ve kicked off 2023 with a busy schedule of open workshops, including Relational Facilitation, Introduction to Relational Leadership, Teaming and Psychological Safety, and Difficult Dialogues. It is gratifying to engage new audiences around core RL concepts, and we were delighted to hear from a participant in our Difficult Dialogues workshop:

“I am taking this material and applying it to not just my work environment but my social ones as well! "

Cambia-Sponsored Programming: Funded by a generous grant from the Cambia Health Foundation, we completed the first in a series of four-week cohorts. The theme of this cohort was Relational Leadership in Trauma-Informed Care, where we explored the connection between RL principles and SAMHSA’s six guidelines for a trauma-informed approach. With additional cohorts to come in the summer and fall, this series was designed to allow participants to experience RL practices in depth, apply them at work, and return to their cohort for discussion and feedback.

Primary Care Leadership Collaborative (PCLC): Christina Kelly led a session welcoming back PCLC student teams and new team members, reviewing the year ahead, and re-introducing Relational Leadership practices. We look forward to an exciting year, with additional online sessions leading up to the AAFP National Conference in July. In partnership with Intend Health, PCLC is a two-year leadership program for medical students in family medicine.

RLI@Carolina: We have completed the Spring 2023 cohort, which we kicked off in person last month. Sessions continued online, covering such topics as Relational Culture, Dynamics of Teams, and Transformative Action + Conflict Diagnosis. It was wonderful to meet in person and to continue to engage with this community of 12 facilitators and 43 participants online in the remaining sessions. RLI@Carolina will run a four-day online cohort in the summer and will meet in person for the fall 2023 cohort.

RLI 2.0 (aka RLI Next Steps): Our colleagues at the RELATE Lab at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) held the last of five RLI 2.0 sessions in March. We are deeply grateful to Niki Steckler (who designed and developed the content and delivered much of the course), Alexander Mansour, and Brian Park, both of whom artfully held the space for all to contribute and engage.

RLI@OHSU: The Spring 2023 cohort for RLI@OHSU kicked off on April 3 and will gather in person for all nine sessions, wrapping up on June 12. It’s wonderful to be back in person for this relational work!

Accelerate (University of Utah Health): We are partnering with the University of Utah Health Accelerate team to establish a shared language and focus on Relational Leadership practices for U of U Health leaders and teams. In the initial phase, the team is creating a series of learning resources around core RL concepts such as Teaming and Positionality and Power.

April 2023 recap of recent Intend Health programs delivered to healthcare providers, students, and institutions across the country.

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